Anstand halten

Die Bewegung für Radikale Empathie hat die derzeitige Seuche zum Anlass genommen, mit Plakaten auf eben diese Seuche und ihre Begleiterscheinungen (Quarantäne, Aluhüte, Vermumungsgebot und dergleichen) einzugehen. Ich habe auch ein Plakat dazu beigetragen, auf dem mein virtuelles Alter Ego und ich zu sehen sind. Man kann diese Plakate derzeit in Stuttgart sehen. Und im Fernsehen auch. (Danke an Wolfi für das Foto)

One minute video #14: down

music & video: Martin Zentner

Tbilisi is a beautiful city with a lot of visible history. But, as in many places, historical structures are broken down and replaced with faceless modern buildings without any local character. The tower in this video is a very visible example, but only one of many. I hope Tbilisi can keep its historic soul and can withstand investors who want to clutter the world with glass and steel. I have met many great locals who are fighting an uphill battle against a lot of money and political power to preserve their home and heritage. Okay, these buildings will also be a part of the city’s history, like all the soviet era buildings. But at what cost? On the other side, historic areas are becoming disneyfied, depraved of their soul, looking somewhat historic on the outside, but clean and lifeless. I deeply hope that Tbilisi can keep its character I came to love as a regular visitor. And my heart goes out to those, who are fighting for this. Thank you!

One minute video #13: Pu

music & video: Martin Zentner, Piano: Putte I recorded my flatmate Thorsten Puttenat while playing the piano. The microphone was broken and there was a mean distortion on the recording. But I Iiked the melody, so I somehow created some music around it and combined it with footage of him to portray a friend I really love. The footage was taken at the 20th anniversary of Waggons Stuttgart while Rocket Freudental was playing. You can’t hear them in the video, but soon their new album will be released. Go get it, and see them live for yourself! By the way: Sharing an apartment with Putte is very helpful for me to learn a lot of things. One of them is music production. Recorded at Studio Doraphonique,


1 minute music video #7: fanø

music & video: Martin Zentner the film was taken at fanø beach this summer. thanks to Terence Oliver and Natalie Guttmann for inviting me there. the music was recorded at studio doraphonique, Synthesizers used: several Arturia Pigments and one Jupiter 8 V3, U-HE Repro 5 and NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Battery for the bassdrum.


1 minute music video #6: inner space

music & video: Martin Zentner Back in the 90ies bavarian public television started to show footage from space with ambient music. I spent many nights watching and listening „space night“, discovering my love for ambient music. Today I create my own space nights with google earth. I dedicate this video to Steff Ochs, who shared my passion when we were students. Does anyone recognize the place below the shuttle?